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Not Drowning, Waving
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Circus/07 Albert Namatjira.mp3 6.74 MB
Circus/03 The Magician.mp3 6.36 MB
Circus/09 Penmon.mp3 6.03 MB
Circus/08 Sky The Towel.mp3 5.79 MB
Circus/02 Spark.mp3 5.33 MB
Circus/01 Crazy Birds.mp3 5.19 MB
Circus/05 Wonder.mp3 4.94 MB
Circus/12 Parish Pump.mp3 4.85 MB
Circus/04 Teteko Aotearoa.mp3 4.59 MB
Circus/10 Norman Young.mp3 4.48 MB
Circus/13 Walk Me Home.mp3 4.37 MB
Circus/11 The Migrant.mp3 4.25 MB
Circus/06 Slumber In Tumbleland.mp3 2.30 MB
Circus/AlbumArt_{FD3B3B34-C8FE-4C6A-8F8A-118EAECCBB72}_Large.jpg 47.03 KB
Circus/ZuneAlbumArt.jpg 47.03 KB
Claim/08 Sweat.m4a 5.29 MB
Claim/06 Palau.m4a 5.21 MB
Claim/10 Claim.m4a 4.60 MB
Claim/07 Yellow Earth.m4a 4.58 MB
Claim/09 Terra Nullius.m4a 4.16 MB
Claim/01 Willow Tree.m4a 3.87 MB
Claim/02 Fishing Trawler.m4a 3.75 MB
Claim/04 Thomastown.m4a 3.72 MB
Claim/05 Maroon Rust.m4a 3.53 MB
Claim/03 Wobble.m4a 3.51 MB
Claim/02 Fishing Trawler 1.mp3 2.71 KB
Claim/09 Terra Nullius 1.mp3 2.71 KB
Claim/07 Yellow Earth 1.mp3 2.71 KB
Claim/05 Maroon Rust 1.mp3 2.71 KB
Claim/01 Willow Tree 1.mp3 2.71 KB
Claim/04 Thomastown 1.mp3 2.71 KB
Claim/03 Wobble 1.mp3 2.70 KB
Claim/10 Claim 1.mp3 2.70 KB
Claim/08 Sweat 1.mp3 2.70 KB
Claim/06 Palau 1.mp3 2.70 KB
Cold And The Crackle/10 Under Roof, Under Tree.mp3 13.06 MB
Cold And The Crackle/08 Clay.mp3 12.67 MB
Cold And The Crackle/05 Brother Norbert.mp3 11.94 MB
Cold And The Crackle/02 Cold And The Crackle.mp3 11.59 MB
Cold And The Crackle/07 Sing Sing.mp3 11.21 MB
Cold And The Crackle/01 Yes Sir I Can Boogie.mp3 10.90 MB
Cold And The Crackle/12 Going Up The Country.mp3 10.12 MB
Cold And The Crackle/09 Kerry's Green.mp3 9.13 MB
Cold And The Crackle/04 The Marriage Is A Mess.mp3 8.85 MB
Cold And The Crackle/03 Plog.mp3 7.58 MB
Cold And The Crackle/11 Sitting.mp3 7.57 MB
Cold And The Crackle/06 Little King.mp3 5.79 MB
Cold And The Crackle/Folder.jpg 12.37 KB
Another Pond/04 Moving Around.mp3 8.58 MB
Another Pond/07 Walk Tired.mp3 6.57 MB
Another Pond/17 Hunting for Nuggets.mp3 5.93 MB
Another Pond/10 Waterdrops.mp3 5.72 MB
Another Pond/20 Another Pond 1990.mp3 5.00 MB
Another Pond/11 Home On My Own.mp3 4.86 MB
Another Pond/02 Another Pond.mp3 4.81 MB
Another Pond/22 Pilon and the Tum Tum Tree.mp3 4.71 MB
Another Pond/09 Perfect Design.mp3 4.39 MB
Another Pond/19 Perfect Design 1990.mp3 4.05 MB
Another Pond/13 Mr Pooh.mp3 4.03 MB
Another Pond/16 The Cheshire Cat.mp3 3.95 MB
Another Pond/05 Dare Not Say a Word.mp3 3.82 MB
Another Pond/21 The Wooden Box.mp3 3.77 MB
Another Pond/18 Untouched.mp3 3.69 MB
Another Pond/12 Mr Suharto Man.mp3 3.65 MB
Another Pond/15 Once Like This.mp3 2.74 MB
Another Pond/08 John Wayne Visits Port Augusta.mp3 2.39 MB
Another Pond/23 Happy As Can Be.mp3 2.18 MB
Another Pond/06 Frogs.mp3 1.87 MB
Another Pond/14 Oliver Le Strange.mp3 1.72 MB
Another Pond/01 Making a Desert and Calling it Pe.mp3 1.61 MB
Another Pond/03 Hibakusha.mp3 858.29 KB
Another Pond/AlbumArt_{F48B6505-A264-4F5B-9A57-C660613745B6}_Large.jpg 20.96 KB
Another Pond/Folder.jpg 16.22 KB
Tabaran/14 Funeral Chant.mp3 13.14 MB
Tabaran/08 Blackwater.mp3 6.80 MB
Tabaran/01 Tabaran.mp3 5.89 MB
Tabaran/11 Up In The Mountains.mp3 5.80 MB
Tabaran/04 Sing Sing.mp3 5.61 MB
Tabaran/02 The Kiap Song.mp3 5.27 MB
Tabaran/05 Rain.mp3 4.59 MB
Tabaran/13 Call Accross The Highlands.mp3 4.05 MB
Tabaran/10 Lapun Man.mp3 3.93 MB
Tabaran/09 Abebe.mp3 3.36 MB
Tabaran/12 Azahe.mp3 2.97 MB
Tabaran/06 Feast.mp3 2.92 MB
Tabaran/03 Pila Pila.mp3 2.82 MB
Tabaran/15 Gawi Bagarap (Bonus Song).mp3 1.33 MB
Tabaran/07 Boys On Beach.mp3 1.13 MB
The Little Desert/AlbumArt_{95ED7210-4ADE-4078-9B9B-B9102A3340FC}_Large.jpg 31.64 KB
The Little Desert/Folder.jpg 13.84 KB
Little Desert/06 Tide.mp3 8.31 MB
Little Desert/16 In The Early Morning.mp3 6.79 MB
Little Desert/05 Storm.mp3 6.72 MB
Little Desert/10 Big Sky.mp3 6.54 MB
Little Desert/08 Empty Trees And Buildings.mp3 6.39 MB
Little Desert/01 The Same Heat.mp3 6.20 MB
Little Desert/03 Blackfish Creek.mp3 5.57 MB
Little Desert/07 Old Wobbly Man.mp3 4.94 MB
Little Desert/02 Through The One Last Door.mp3 4.85 MB
Little Desert/09 A Selling Of The Rock.mp3 4.85 MB
Little Desert/11 Overlay.mp3 4.60 MB
Little Desert/04 Wilma's Dream.mp3 4.28 MB
Little Desert/13 A Selling Of The Rock (1990).mp3 3.68 MB
Little Desert/15 Pier No. 5.mp3 2.17 MB
Little Desert/12 In The Undergrowth.mp3 2.13 MB
Little Desert/14 Rocks.mp3 824.61 KB
Little Desert/AlbumArt_{95ED7210-4ADE-4078-9B9B-B9102A3340FC}_Large.jpg 31.64 KB
Little Desert/Folder.jpg 13.84 KB
Spark/04 Syria.mp3 6.17 MB
Spark/01 Spark.mp3 5.42 MB
Spark/02 Crazy Birds.mp3 5.28 MB
Spark/03 Ascending (Me And You).mp3 4.91 MB
Spark/Folder.jpg 53.08 KB
Spark/AlbumArt_{77FBC6D7-0D79-4216-832A-6258ABE511B5}_Large.jpg 37.48 KB
Proof/02 Sexy Music.mp3 6.46 MB
Proof/07 Flashback.mp3 4.47 MB
Proof/04 Happy.mp3 4.34 MB
Proof/09 Sexy Band Track.mp3 4.12 MB
Proof/10 Walk (Full Version).mp3 3.88 MB
Proof/01 Walking Music.mp3 3.53 MB
Proof/11 Sad (Full Version - Trumpet Start.mp3 3.32 MB
Proof/03 Sad Tune.mp3 3.32 MB
Proof/08 Panic.mp3 2.34 MB
Proof/05 Vet Scene.mp3 1.66 MB
Proof/06 Sad Time (Short Version).mp3 1.45 MB
Proof/AlbumArt_{9D70E869-B78E-441E-A9D4-20FE148724FD}_Large.jpg 36.66 KB
Proof/Folder.jpg 32.31 KB
The Little Desert (2007 Re-Release)/AlbumArt_{95ED7210-4ADE-4078-9B9B-B9102A3340FC}_Large.jpg 31.64 KB
The Little Desert (2007 Re-Release)/Folder.jpg 13.84 KB
Hunting For Nuggets 7_/01 Hunting For Nuggets.mp3 9.63 MB
Hunting For Nuggets 7_/02 Perfect Design.mp3 7.12 MB
Hunting For Nuggets 7_/03 Away.mp3 2.81 MB
Hunting For Nuggets 7_/Folder.jpg 544.99 KB
Do Be A Don't Be (Mr. Pooh) 7_/01 Do Be A Don't Be (Mr. Pooh).mp3 7.83 MB
Do Be A Don't Be (Mr. Pooh) 7_/02 The Wooden Box.mp3 7.14 MB
Do Be A Don't Be (Mr. Pooh) 7_/03 Prison.mp3 3.95 MB
Do Be A Don't Be (Mr. Pooh) 7_/Folder.jpg 1.36 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/14 Cold And The Crackle (Arcane Tric.mp3 7.69 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/10 The Same Heat (Paul Smyth & Paul.mp3 7.11 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/15 Storm (All India Radio).mp3 6.67 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/02 Blackwater (Secret Masters).mp3 6.47 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/01 The Kiap Song (Mike B. Fisher).mp3 6.44 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/12 Fishing Trawler (Will Pyett).mp3 6.05 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/04 Palau (Josh Abrahams).mp3 5.98 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/17 Sing Sing (Tim Cole).mp3 5.20 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/05 Thomastown (Rik Nicholson & David.mp3 5.06 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/06 Willow Tree (Sri Yukteswar).mp3 4.92 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/08 Mr Suharto Man (John Phillips).mp3 4.91 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/16 Little Storm (Simon Polinski).mp3 4.76 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/07 Big Sky (David Thrussell).mp3 4.74 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/13 Maroon Rust (Ian Caple).mp3 4.06 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/09 Hibakusha (Nicole Skeltys).mp3 3.54 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/11 Ascending (Nick Littlemore).mp3 3.30 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/03 Home On My Own (Fitzy).mp3 2.11 MB
Maps For Sonic Adventurers/Folder.jpg 258.72 KB
Hammers/04 The Chase.mp3 4.01 MB
Hammers/10 Young 'uns.mp3 3.66 MB
Hammers/07 Waltz.mp3 3.62 MB
Hammers/01 Hammers.mp3 3.35 MB
Hammers/14 Preacher.mp3 2.23 MB
Hammers/11 Walk With Dad.mp3 1.79 MB
Hammers/05 Mrs. B's Gone.mp3 1.78 MB
Hammers/15 Mist.mp3 1.76 MB
Hammers/09 Hammers.mp3 1.61 MB
Hammers/06 Remember.mp3 1.58 MB
Hammers/08 Cup Of Tea.mp3 1.58 MB
Hammers/13 Stay.mp3 1.35 MB
Hammers/03 Mist.mp3 1.05 MB
Hammers/12 Nellie's Farewell.mp3 0.97 MB
Hammers/02 Thoughts Of Charlotte.mp3 926.79 KB
Hammers/Folder.jpg 9.30 KB
Hammers/ZuneArt_{AED881DB-F205-4A15-AB03-7456837261C4}.jpg 9.30 KB
Penmon/03 Spark (Acoustic).mp3 5.45 MB
Penmon/02 The Magician.mp3 5.37 MB
Penmon/01 Penmon.mp3 4.92 MB
Penmon/Folder.jpg 44.47 KB
Penmon/AlbumArt_{B46EA56B-68BB-4EA0-B5D5-FC7659F40352}_Large.jpg 44.47 KB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/02 Sunday.mp3 6.42 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/07 The Garden.mp3 4.43 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/04 Happy.mp3 4.29 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/09 Sultry.mp3 4.08 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/10 Walk.mp3 3.84 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/01 Walk.mp3 3.50 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/11 Sad.mp3 3.29 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/03 Sad.mp3 3.29 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/08 Panic.mp3 2.30 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/05 Fun.mp3 1.62 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/06 Sad.mp3 1.41 MB
Proof (Rogues Gallery Version)/Folder.jpg 32.31 KB
I Did EP (With Robby Douglas Turner)/03 Going Up the Country.mp3 11.05 MB
I Did EP (With Robby Douglas Turner)/01 I Did.mp3 10.14 MB
I Did EP (With Robby Douglas Turner)/02 Little King.mp3 6.57 MB
I Did EP (With Robby Douglas Turner)/04 In the undergrowth.mp3 5.43 MB
Not Drowning, Waving.mp3 120.21 MB
Not Drowning, Waving.mp3 633.89 MB
Not Drowning, Waving.flac 241.84 MB
Not Drowning, Waving.mp3 120.13 MB
Not Drowning, Waving.mp3 52.31 MB
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